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Frequently Asked Questions

Easy URL is a small tool specifically developed to make any URL look shorter yet professional. With the speed of EasyURL, your visitors will get a better experience to your link. Besides, EasyURL also supports sharing Images & Documents with a customized URL.
  • If you just want to shorten your URL and do not care about custom names, use Shorten URL section. Just enter your URL and hit the "Shorten URL" button
  • If you want to make a URL with custom name, then use Custom Name section. Just enter your URL and the Custom Name that you want to use, and hit the "Generate" button
  • If you want to share an image or a document, just see the menu "Share Image".
  • Sit back and relax, it is absolutely safe to use and share URLs from EasyURL
  • We do not crawl your website or read data from any of your website.
  • Our site is protected by the Server Antivirus system powered by Cloudflare
  • Unlike other Tiny URL providers, we do not have any validity for generated URLs
  • All the URL's generated will be valid for lifetime at no additional cost - Free
  • You can trust our servers and put a bet on us, we will always be online
  • Absolutely a big Yes!
  • This is your tool and the URL is all yours. You are free to share the URL anywhere
  • We're working on this and we promise to deliver it ASAP!
  • We will surely provide the tracking facility very soon